Jörn Alexander Quent's notebook

where I share semi-interesting stuff from my work


This is my open notebook. My main homepage can be found here. This should be regarded as an attempt though to live up to the ideals that I have. It will take some time to develop good routines and incorporate those into my typical working day. This notebook will also witness my development as a researcher. Note that not everything will be perfect on here. If you find mistakes, please tell me!

This is how I organise my open notebook

For my I open notebook, I use RMarkdown to create documents with code embedded in the text that explain my analysis. Every change I make to analysis documents or to experimental scripts are tracked in GitHub repositories that are made public in due time. This is accompanied by general posts on ideas and progress of the projects I am currently working on. If you go on my GitHub you can find those repositories. The posts are linked to projeccts and repositories by tags.