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Understanding the basics of the general linear model (GLM) in the context of fMRI

Prelude Sources that I found useful General libraries Simple linear regression Multiple linear regression Special cases One sample t-test Two sample t-test Paired t-test Two-way ANOVA Does the contrast weighting matter for the test-statistics? Covariance matrix of the residuals A example design matrix for fMRI Multiple testing problem Calculate FWE FWE correction Random field theory Permutation tests FDR Conclusion Glossary Prelude I was revisiting some of the basics surrounding fMRI especially the GLM and contrasts. Read more →

Understanding mixed linear models

Preface Note: This is an old post from my early PhD time that I slightly edited but share again because it would be interesting to one or two people. This work documents my attempt to understand the model structure of mixed linear models or multilevel models. I adapted a formula that I found on Wikipedia and work myself through the different models and test whether I am able to retrieve the different parameters with lmerTest. Read more →